Our fabrics

Your hoodie is made at 85% of GOTS-certified organic cotton. It uses 10 times less water than conventional cotton, no pesticides, no fertilizers and no GMOs 🌱

The dye and the ink used are OEKO-TEX certified, which means they are free of harmful substances.

The recycled polyester used in your hoodie comes from old plastic bottles: instead of ending in the oceans, they start a brand new life with you ♻️

Our commitment to our planet also applies to our animal friends 🐨 Your hoodie is certified by the PETA-Approved Vegan label, meaning that no animal tests on ingredients, formulations, or finished products have been conducted.

Our suppliers

Your hoodie is proudly made in Bangladesh 🇧🇩
The country has suffered from a bad reputation because of the exploitation of the local population and inhuman working conditions and we are aware of that.

However we shouldn't abandon an entire country based on that, we should instead support the local population with fair salaries and descent working conditions 🤝

That's why we've decided to only work with transparent suppliers who are members of the Fair Wear Foundation and who are commited to the same values ✌ We are very proud of the women and men making our hoodies with their incredible expertise and know-how.

The last manufacturing step happens in France, from where your hoodie is shipped 🇫🇷

- Produced on-demand -

One main issue of the fashion industry is the waste caused by all unsold or returned products. As a responsible brand, we have decided not to produce a product if we are not sure that it will be worn.

When you order on our website, we finalize the manufacturing of your hoodie only after the order is placed: your hoodie is made specially for you!

It requires good logistics on our side, but this way we don't need to keep stocks and waste products, which makes our planet a little happier 🌱

- Because every detail counts -

You will receive your hoodie in a plastic-free package, made of 100% recycled paper 📦