Our Story

Two athletes, one community, one brand.

The Hooderie story started with us, Liam & Selven, two friends and athletes. Sport takes an important part of our lives and has shaped who we are today.

Hooderie is our way of giving back to sport everything it brought us, by creating an eco-responsible streetwear brand which embodies the sport values 🏆

Our community

We are a small team, but we have the workforce of more than 1,000 athletes around the world: our beloved community.

We couldn't have done it without you — keep spreading the word 🧡


A talented designer is a must to create iconic and original streetwear designs 🎨

All of our designs have been imagined and painted by our very talented designer: Lorie Volpato


The photos of our website have been shot by the talented Jean Haberer 📸